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Trans-genre-ed Americana

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

One of the great challenges of any musician is to find a two word tagline to describe their music... That's often more difficult than you might think. For instance, I work hard in two main directions, mining the traditional music of our country, (and hence a great number of other countries from whence many of this nation’s inhabitants hail) and the creation of new songs. I could call myself a folk musician, but when I bust out with something Celtic, old-timey, bluegrassy, klezmerish, or singer-songwritery (or just confusingly genre-bending such as the “chamber influenced acoustic tweeny punkpop” song I wrote a couple of years ago, or the “apocalyptic heavy metal death folk” setting I came up with for a favorite Robert Frost poem) I don’t want anyone to feel betrayed or confused. About the best I've been able to come up with is Trans-genre-ed Americana.

That seems to wrap it up pretty nicely... It's the music of America and all it's peoples digested and transformed through my own handling of it... and since I happen to be transgender... well... the pun tickles me pink.

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