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For LGBTQ+ Themed Performances

Rainbow Press Kit

Love, light, and laughter are at the heart of Mandy Lynn Danzig’s music. She plays almost anything with strings, and her performances run through genres as if she were a bee in a field of wildflowers. Her years working as a licensed therapist and activist have left her with a deep dedication to social justice, leading her to write lyrics and melodies that one critic described as “songs that appeal to the heart and mind as well as the ear” (Greg Harness, Rootsworld Magazine).


LGBTQ+ Community

Mandy Lynn Danzig's music is informed by her identity as a transgender woman, lesbian, licensed therapist, and activist for social justice. Her latest compositions and album (coming soon!) focus on the journey of identity and transition and the joys of gender euphoria. Her bandmate and fellow vocalist Alisa Jo is a queer non-binary performer. Together they bring love, light, and joy to their audiences in telling musical stories of finding love and identity. 

Awards and Recognition

Mandy is the recipient of a bouquet of awards for her songwriting and instrumental prowess on mandolin, fiddle, and banjo. Her song “The Fiddle Preacher” reached the top 10 on the Folk DJ charts. She has performed with the Salt Lake Choral Artists, the Southern Nevada Musical Arts Society, and the Utopia Early Music Ensemble in state premiers and programs that blend both classical and folk traditions.

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